Pursuit of happiness.

I am so friggin' glad right now. You know that famous self-cultivation, that aspiration of reaching your full potential? I feel I'm back on the right path. Yesterday was one of those baby steps for human kind but a giant leap for me. I did something I swore I would never do again. But as we're strange little beings anyway, I believe it's our duty to defy ourselves every once in a while. It does us good.

I talk about being brave a lot and always encourage people to pursuit whatever it is they want from life, but sometimes I'm guilty of shying away from my own battles. And whenever I realize I'm being a total idiot, I need to change things up. So. This is my aspiration for that greater stuff. I'm utilizing life's oysterity. Because it's about friggin' time.

Oh, and what the hell am I talking about? You should know in a few months.

To get a little philosophical about it, I want to underline the meaning of support when it comes to the battles. I was thinking about it the other day and I realized most of us would be completely different people if we had more support with our dreams. What makes me really sad is that most dreams are killed by parents and other loved ones. Unintentionally of course.. but we get so caught up with their little voices in our heads we become afraid to try. And then there's the other people. The so-called real audience. The people we want to impress. Especially the ones that we don't like and who don't like us. That's when you're going to need your family and friends behind you. It's not that hard showing people that they matter. And if they matter, what they like, matters. So ask questions. Cheer. Tell others. Be fucking exited. Don't you be the reason why they were afraid of trying.

I'm not sure if I have ever felt as supported as I did yesterday. Appreciated. By many people. Yesterday was definitely one of the healthiest day for self-esteem, and those of you who think that's a usual Monday for me, guess again. Here I am talking about that support, because I sure as hell needed it when I had dreams and was afraid to try. But I'm only mad at myself because after all, not trying was my personal failure.

Yet, courage is a seed that's planted in us as kids. Know it's value and nurture it.


Special thanks to the person who was there yesterday to show me unlimited love so I could take my leap. I don't think I've ever felt more special.


On top of that, another source of happiness is a freshly booked trip to Bali for February. Of course me being me, I forgot that most of Asia is pretty friggin' moist in the winter time, so if you want to give me any consolation on the monsoon weather, it will be much appreciated. I will be at the beach though, even if it kills me.


❤︎ H