Do the write thing.

I heard nobody reads blogs anymore.. so what happened to all the writers? Vlogs and podcasts seem to have taken the reign, taking the content to a more concrete level. I get it. 1900's were for feeding senses and imagination, 2000's is for the voyeurists. The product is either a full deluxe pack with all the good, very elaborated stuff, or the hunt continues.

"Nooo, why didn't you start vlogging??"

The same way Heath Ledger's Joker explains why he uses a knife, I think with giving out too much information "you can't save all the little emotions." Writing is a world which makes the reader create, too, and by not leaving something to imagination, you can't feed creativity. I like reading random people's blogs and texts. I can imagine who they are. Where they're writing. Why they are writing. Imagine their tone. Having something a little less personal makes it all the more personal for you. In other words, if you too prefer a little mystery instead of a somewhat vicarious experience, keep reading.


They go pretty much hand in hand, reading and writing. They say you cannot be a great writer if you don't read. Guess that logic applies in many fields of life, but here it's definitely spot on. I'm constantly mad at myself for not reading enough though. You don't easily notice how narrow your vocabulary is until you have a conversation with someone who reads a lot. Reading also usually provokes the will to break things down and understand. It's kind of like traveling actually. And if you choose right locations you're bound to broaden your outlooks. An adventure is never in vain.

I read a lot as a kid. I remember reading the Harry Potters on my way home from school and hitting my head in one of those big lamp posts. Didn't need a smartphone to be a danger for myself. It was easy to lose the world around me for hours and not pay any attention on what was happening in reality. I started writing on a regular basis little over 10 years ago because it gave me the same feeling. Still at the age of 25 it is the only passion that's also a need. I can't function unless I do it. Funny.. I've had two different vocal jobs in my career, and still I prefer writing over speaking. The way I think, technically, singing is an extension of speech, writing is an extension of the mind. And the most untouched form of it’s brilliance are the texts you wrote without intentions of trying to impress somebody.


As "girly" and underrated as it is, keeping diaries is probably the healthiest hobby I ever had. I got an over 10 year long trace of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. Not many can say the same. I know who entered my life and when. I know what I chose and why. I know how things have made me feel. Another thing, I have also preferred actual pen and paper over a keyboard, because handwriting lets you see things you wouldn't even know are there. Again, the little emotions, if you have a keen eye.

As a kid I had no idea how valuable a skill writing would prove out to be in my life. What kind of a favor I did myself. It keeps me sane. Reading my old diaries has made me way more conscious of my own actions and I’m much less bound to repeat the same mistakes again. I have processed the thoughts I’ve had throughout the prettiest and shittiest parts of my history on a piece of paper. Facing yourself is not easy, I can tell. It’s real. And it happened. But writing it down makes it even more alive. Even if I didn’t ever want to read what I had written sometime, I would rather write it down than lose it. It’s my history. Also, if you ever want to see how much you've grown, it's right there.

I feel I hadn’t started writing I would have lost parts of myself I could never gain back. I am the only one who will know me like that, because that person only exists when I’m alone. It’s an important relationship and worthy of keeping alive. So.. keep writing, friend. It’s one of the things in life that will gain you so much more than the resources you ever spent on it.