I’ve made some calculations of my clothes shopping over the past few months and it seems I still have absolutely no self-control or a sense of moral whatsoever. If I should divide the money to a number of months that would make my spending almost reasonable and I could ”buy my conscience clear”, I’d have to stay off shopping for at least 10 months.

So that’s what I’ll do: I challenge myself not to buy a single rag until the sales next June. I’m already having withdrawals.

It’s all for the greater good and my growth as a human being, yada yada. Because I spend way too much money on stupid shit rather than putting my dough on things I actually need. I have been afraid of making big investments, because spending a lot of money of a single thing has always seemed unreasonable for me, knowing my attention span, but I never said no to a cool dress or a neat pair of sneaks. It’s a serious fashionista problem: over the past years I’ve gathered so much stuff in the closets I realized I haven’t even had the time to use all the clothes I bought last summer. Or the summer before! You think there will be all kinds of occasions but last weekend was the first weekend this whole summer I even had time to go out and chill. So that’s pretty much a solid no. My giveaway wasn’t even not having being able to close my closet doors for years, not to mention lately having my wardrobe extend to a great part of the bedroom floor, which makes moving around somewhat impossible.. but there are now two rather large investments I intend to make in the future, for the future. And even if they might seem expensive, nothing’s as expensive as the things you don’t need.

I’m trying to follow one of my mother’s best advices: if you catch yourself being too attached to something, cut it off. ”Try not to get addicted even a morning cup of coffee” she said. And to plant the idea in my head, rather than telling me, she was showing me. (“That’s my idea! That is an original thought!!” *Mr. Goldenfold voice*) Work to remove the temptation so you are not dependent on anything. Well — I can resist almost anything but temptation. Got tons of prove of that. But it’s still damn good advice. We often dream we had more money so we could buy everything we wanted, but the truth is that many of us already live that way. And because that’s mostly what’s wrong with the whole human kind, I’m calling myself on my bullshit and making a change. You don’t even have to give up everything, as long as you keep in mind granting yourself everything never did you any good.

So it’s an explicit 10 month non-decaying period. But wait — there are a couple of rules and exceptions!!! Because you cannot make an absolute deal without a couple of worm holes, right?!

1. First I want to grant myself the opportunity to buy things I need. The meaning of this abstention is solely to kill my urge to buy out of wanting something. So, if the uncontrollable forces of the universe decide I need some certain gear to survive my time here on Earth, I am allowed to buy it.

2. But if there is something, a piece of clothing, shoes, etc., I should be able to get it second hand. I’ve given a lot of thought to this lately: the abundance of things in a perfectly good and usable condition that nobody wants to use. Sounds like I re-invented the wheel, but seriously — there won’t be a need so great you can’t get it second hand. At least none of mine. 

3. Here’s the mother of exceptions, but I only allow it once: for the next 10 months if there’s something that rocks my muscle tissue in a very special way, an enormous discount or something that I’m convinced will haunt me to my grave, I allow myself to buy it. But it had better be good. I expect tears and shit. 

4. And finally — because you need a chance for a nice relapse — the above mentioned rules only apply on the soil of continental Finland. I reserve the full rights to be corrupted abroad. Which so far looks like a fine two week period in Australia next December. Kind of like a mid-term break. Of course there are weight limitations to guide me, but knowing me the bags will already be full on the way there. Still, I don’t want to have to stand my own bitching on a holiday.

…I think that pretty much covers it!

So I’ll delete all the applications from my phone, stop visiting shops and solemnly promise not to look for trouble. This should be easy since to succeed only requires not doing something. And since I’ve always been pretty skilled at brainwashing myself, I’m sure this will leave plenty of room for something much healthier. 

Also things that play a great role in my decision and are worth giving some attention to are the environmental and ethical factors. Continuously buying things you have no need or use for is a growing problem with people who don’t have to restrict themselves. Being able to afford things creates more problems than us consumers are even wanted to be able to understand, but we’re not held hostage for our decisions. Since it’s our common responsibility to do something for the global warming (there, I said it) and plastic flood, this is a cut I am able to make to shrink my carbon footprint a bit & to reduce the waste I’m making. Also to get all hippie on your asses, I believe that everything that gave its life for me deserves to be used and respected. Same goes with the work others have put in something. I don’t want things to be in vain. Never underestimate the power of letting go or denying something from yourself: the way it makes you appreciate things you already have is worth experiencing. 

I hope this inspired you even a little bit and maybe made you wonder if you could take on a similar quest — even if it’s just giving up that morning cup of coffee. What do you think? Whatever you decide to take on, I’m sure will grow you some unpredicted balls. Looking forward to having mine drop.

Have a great week y’all ❤︎